Vocational College for Catering and Tourism Maribor

18 Zagrebška cesta, Maribor 2000, SI Maribor Maribor 2000 Slovenia
18 Zagrebška cesta, Maribor 2000, SI Maribor Maribor 2000 Slovenia
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The school’s mission is to offer high quality, practical and internationally oriented higher vocational education within catering and tourism area, where we follow the philosophy of a student-friendly learning environment, which stimulates creative and innovative relations with tourism and catering industry and enables effective transfer of knowledge from one to another.


Our international orientation reflects itself at the teachers’ as well as students’ level. Within the LLP Erasmus programme, students are encouraged to get involved in international internship programmes, so approximately 30 students do their internship in AT, DE, IR, GB, IT, ES and other countries. Being an active member of several international associations of hotel and tourism schools, we enable students to take part in different professional competitions at home and abroad, join projects and compete on the international labour market. Teachers and experts from the industry are encouraged to take part in joined partner project, promoted through European commission or associations. The school takes part in Culinary News Network project, ECVET TC NET project, and WELLPRO project where our school is the applicant organization. Nevertheless, the school always welcomes new international collaboration and ideas.


Gold, silver and bronze medals at Georges Baptiste Cup (2005, 2006, 2007), four gold, one silver and one bronze medal at the AEHT competition (2003-2009), winners with three gold and one silver medal at EURHODIP Student Innovation Award (2005-2009), numerous golden, bronze and silver