ROC Friese Poort Sneek

Harste 4-6, 8602 JX Sneek, Netherlands Sneek Friesland 8602 JX Netherlands
Harste 4-6, 8602 JX Sneek, Netherlands Sneek Friesland 8602 JX Netherlands

ROC Friese Poort offers senior secondary vocational education for learning, living and the exchange of knowledge and experience. Personal attention and supervision, small-scaled and strong regional ties are typical characteristics. From a Christian background ROC Friese Poort offers a modern interpretation to education and training. ROC Friese Poort has six locations with approximately 13.500 students in total.

Hospitality courses are available on two locations; Sneek and Drachten. The hospitality courses consist of theoretical and practical training and student work placement experience with hospitality business in the Netherlands and abroad, under the supervision of the college. Both locations have their own enterprise, restaurant NU, with real guests, run by students under the supervision of teachers and instructors. Career opportunities   are available both nationally and internationally in all sectors of the industry.

Sneek is a vibrant water sports city in the South-Western part of the Province of Friesland. Besides water sports and the Sneeker lake, Sneek offers a wealth of monuments, cityscapes and a number of museums.  It also has a welcoming and varied shopping centre and many terraces, cafes and restaurants.
ROC Friese Poort Sneek offers education and training to approximately 2.500 students and is located near the city centre, close to bus stops and the train station