ROC Flevoland

1334 PA Almere, Netherlands Almere Flevoland 1334 PA Netherlands
1334 PA Almere, Netherlands Almere Flevoland 1334 PA Netherlands

he ROC Flevoland wants to deliver high education tailored to
the student. Our ambition is to be in the top 5 in 2015. We want to
make an effective contribution to solving economic and social issues in Flevoland.

Quality first

To achieve this ambition, we seek to strengthen the quality. What we want to achieve and in what areas, is part of the multi-year strategy 2012-2015 and formulated in the ‘4 Ps’ of Performing, professionalization, profiling and positioning. Performing stands for higher quality, higher satisfaction of students, companies / institutions and employees and improve efficiency. Professional development is to achieve a higher level (knowledge and skills) of all employees, the attitude to school permanently and partly by improving systematic feedback and maintenance and optimization of their own craftsmanship. Profiling means that there are recognizable and homogeneous teaching groups to provide more customization and challenge the student. Positioning refers to our Vocational Colleges which we house in distinctive buildings, where there is recognizable professional, good access and a pleasant learning environment.