Cingel College

Markendaalseweg 35, 4811 KA Breda, Netherlands Breda Noord-Brabant 4811 KA Netherlands
Markendaalseweg 35, 4811 KA Breda, Netherlands Breda Noord-Brabant 4811 KA Netherlands

MBO Bread & Pastry – Facility Management – Hotel & Catering – Tourism

Cingel College in Breda (in the southwest of The Netherlands) is a school for secondary vocational education specializing in tourism and the hotel and catering industry. Around 700 students aged 16-20 years learn about their future careers through hands-on experience in and outside of the school.
There are also exchange programmes with schools and organizations outside of The Netherlands. Graduates can either work or study further in higher professional education (HBO).
Cingel College, along with seven other colleges, is part of ROC West-Brabant, which is a regional education centre for secondary vocational education in the economic, care and wellness, horticulture and technical sectors. There are 25,000 students and 2500 employees within ROC West-Brabant.

The flavours of Cingel College…

Cingel College offers students a diverse educational menu, with plenty of personal attention and practical support. There are four departments:

Bread & Pastry

After and often during their study, these students work in bakeries in the area but also in patisseries in renowned hotels in The Netherlands and abroad. In addition, they participate in all sorts of competitions and events. An artisan approach combined with a creative flair is how Cingel College provides quality training. The educational possibilities range from being an employee in an artisan bakery to becoming an entrepreneur.

Facility Management

The signs on the walls, ordering supplies, furnishing the rooms in a building, organizing the workplace, planning the catering: in a small organization the employee, the secretary or the director do this by themselves. In larger organizations our well-trained facilitary services employees play an important role to keep things going smoothly.

Hotel & Catering
Variation is definitely a word to use when talking about the hotel and catering industry. Not only hotels, restaurants and cafes fall into this category, but also conference centres, discotheques, fast food, motels, cruise ships and party centres belong to this branch. There is plenty of choice: entrepreneur, chef or host/hostess.
In all cases, professional expertise, quality and personal attention for guests are very important. Our students learn how to serve with passion and pleasure from the moment that a guest arrives.


In the tourism and recreation field no day is the same. One day the employee arranges an adventurous trip to India; the next an animation activity in a resort, one of the Vacansoleil campgrounds or on a cruise ship. But we also train our students to become tour managers. Continually, professional knowledge is of great importance, as well as stress resistance, organizational insight, and social and commercial skills. That’s why we strive to give our students as much hands-on experience inside and outside of the school so that they quickly feel at home in this dynamic branch. Our own Cingel-events bureau is an example of this. Students get assignments from the school to organize events and activities from A to Z