Judenplatz 3-4 1010 Vienna, Austria Wien Wien 1010 Austria
+43 1 533 06 42+43 1 533 06 42
+43 1 533 06 42 / 44 39

Our deepest ambition is to qualify our pupils
for the requirements of the culinary industry in Austria.

Our main goals:
– Enhancement of personality development
Increase of problem solving competency tailored to individual requirements
Focus on professional mobility and flexibility
Improvement of hands-on professional skills: use of modern technologies
Emphasis on communicative competence in German and in up to three other languages
Encouragement of Lifelong Learning

We were the first school in Austria to introduce additional trainings during the regular school year:

Junior Wine Sommelier, Junior Barman/woman, Coffee Expert, Cheese Sommelier, Certified Junior Pastry Chef, Certified Junior Gardemanger

Pastry Art Course

Culinary School

Advanced Course for Tourism

one school year– unique in Europe:very popular in the hospitality industry due to its clear job-related focus


three school years– our students graduate as certifiedchefs, waiters/waitresses,office management assistants

Main areas of the curriculum:

Cooking and Kitchen Management

Pastry Art

Wine and Beverage Skills


three school years– final exams include thegeneral qualification for

university entrance

Main areas of the curriculum:

Gastronomy Management

General academic subjects

The Programs offered at Gastgewerbefachschule / Culinary Insitute of Vienna:


Culinary school (GAFA)

After this 3-year education, graduates are qualified to enter the following regulated professions: Cook, Waiter/Waitress, Office clerk. Diploma examination or final exam in the following branches: Kitchen (Kitchen Management and Kitchen Organization), Pastry Art, Beverages and Service (Restaurant and Catering).

There are additional training courses students may sign up for in order to gain craft-specific certificates during their time at school: Junior sommelier in Austria (in the third year), Cheese connoisseur in Austria, Junior bartender (in the third year), Coffee connoisseur / Barista, Junior patissier, Junior gardemanger

Main features of the syllabus:

  • General subjects (i.e. Deutsch)
  • Subjects related to tourism industry
  • Commercial subjects
  • Craft-specific practical training
  • Foreign languages (English, French, maybe also Italian)
  • Craft-specific practical training units inside or outside the school building during the school year
  • Two compulsory work-placements (three months each)
  • Lectures and discussions (held by experts from the tourism industry)

Hospitality and Tourism (AGA)

The service industries sector is the fastest growing industry. We offer the best training to be a successful part of this development. The 3-year course focuses on gastronomic management combined with general education.

Work experience placements in major fields of hospitality (selected hotels and travel agencies) enable students to benefit from `blue chip` experience. After successfully passing the final exams graduates receive the “Reifeprüfungsdiplom” (equivalent to GNVQ and “A” level). Thus students are eligible to continue their studies at university level. Student progression into international employment is high.

Communication, economic and professional skills form the basis of our educational training. Developing and upgrading the student’s skills in all aspects of these diverse subjects ensure a national and international standard of qualification.

The Patisserie Course (PAT)

Young people who have completed their job-relevant training – e.g. they are certified cooks, bakers or confectioners – can get their first class “finishing” at our institute in both traditional and modern dessert pastry art in this 7-month course. The training offered at the Institute for Pastry Art Vienna is unique in Europe. Its artistic and practical attitude has already led to great popularity in the international catering trade. The course is supplemented by a modern and praxis-oriented theoretical training.

The language of instruction is Deutsch. However, students are trained to use basic job-related vocabulary in English and French.

The cold and warm desserts, the „Süß- and Mehlspeisen“, are one of the main attractions of the Viennese catering tradition – and therefore of the Austrian cuisine. Ladies and gentlemen who know how to wave the magic wand of both the Austrian and international pastry art effectively, will make their way up the international career ladder without any difficulties.

18 Zagrebška cesta, Maribor 2000, SI Maribor Maribor 2000 Slovenia
+386 2 32 02 300+386 2 32 02 300
+386 2 32 02 301

The school’s mission is to offer high quality, practical and internationally oriented higher vocational education within catering and tourism area, where we follow the philosophy of a student-friendly learning environment, which stimulates creative and innovative relations with tourism and catering industry and enables effective transfer of knowledge from one to another.


Our international orientation reflects itself at the teachers’ as well as students’ level. Within the LLP Erasmus programme, students are encouraged to get involved in international internship programmes, so approximately 30 students do their internship in AT, DE, IR, GB, IT, ES and other countries. Being an active member of several international associations of hotel and tourism schools, we enable students to take part in different professional competitions at home and abroad, join projects and compete on the international labour market. Teachers and experts from the industry are encouraged to take part in joined partner project, promoted through European commission or associations. The school takes part in Culinary News Network project, ECVET TC NET project, and WELLPRO project where our school is the applicant organization. Nevertheless, the school always welcomes new international collaboration and ideas.


Gold, silver and bronze medals at Georges Baptiste Cup (2005, 2006, 2007), four gold, one silver and one bronze medal at the AEHT competition (2003-2009), winners with three gold and one silver medal at EURHODIP Student Innovation Award (2005-2009), numerous golden, bronze and silver

Desguinlei 244 2018 Antwerp, Belgium Antwerpen Vlaams Gewest 2018 Belgium
00 32 3 242 26 0000 32 3 242 26 00
00 32 3 242 26 10
PIVA stands for Provincial Institute for the Catering Industry of Antwerp. It is a large hotel and catering college in the centre of Antwerp, runned by the Province of Antwerp. Antwerp is a city of 500 000 inhabitants in the north of Belgium.The school has about 850 students; the age of the students ranges from 12 in the 1st form to 18 in the 6th. After the 6th form the students can attend an optional 7th specialization year.

The school has got 4 departments:

The largest is the HOTEL department. Their education includes subjects such as: serving methods, table settings and wine courses and composition of menus, preparation of the traditional cuisine, industrial cooking and vacuum cooking.

We have also a TOURISM department. Students are trained to do guidance’s in Belgium, but also in foreign countries. They learn a lot of geography, history, economics, ICT and languages.

The second largest department is the BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY department. Here students do not only learn how to bake bread and pastry, but also how to create tasty and beautiful products in sugar, marzipan, ice cream and chocolate. As you probably know, Belgium is world-famous for its chocolates or pralines.

The smallest, but most modernized unit is the BUTCHERY department. Here the students learn all they need to know about butchery, and they are also taught how to prepare meat dishes and how to process meat.

Students can follow hotel, bakery or butchery trainings on 2 different levels of education:

The highest level is called TECHNICAL LEVEL; this means the general education is still more important than the practical education. The pupils start with 4 hours of practice in the 1stform and end up with

6 hours in the 6th form. The rest of their 32 to 36 hour school week consists of technical and general subjects.

The 5th forms get an outplacement-training period of 2 weeks, the 6th form of 4 weeks.

After the 6th form some of the students go on to higher education to become e.g. hotel managers or nutritionists. Some of them attend a 7th form specialisation course, but most of them start working.

The tourism training exists only at the technical level.

The lowest level is the VOCATIONAL LEVEL, which means the students get a more practical training. They start with 5 hours of practice in the 1st form, 20 in the 3rd and 4th form and 14 in the 6th. The 5th forms get an outplacement-training period of 2 weeks, the 6th form of 4 weeks.

Most of these students attend a 7th form specialization course after the 6th form, before they start working.

P.I. PIVA offers 7th form specialization courses in:

  • Hotel reception
  • Beverages and restaurant mangagement
  • Catering
  • Speciality kitchen and restaurant
  • Meat processing
  • Diet bakery and confectionery
  • Pastry and chocolate production

These 7th forms get about 12 hours of practice and an outplacement-training period of 6 to 8 weeks.


ul. Nieszawska 19, PL- 61 022 Poznan Poznań wielkopolskie Poland
The Institute came into being on the initiative of world experts in hotel management and catering industry cooperation with prof. Dr Roman Dawid Tauber honorary doctor, Rector of the European Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry in Poznań in order to teach staff for hotel management, catering industry and tourism.

The program of the Institute is modeled on programs of famous Swiss colleges having a reputation of high level of education and teaching staff for the world hotel management, catering industry and tourism.

The Institute is seated in Lausanne in Switzerland, classes, however, will take place in the European Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry in Poznań where its Foreign Department is located. Classes are conducted in Polish, French and English languages, that is why the Institute is open to admit young people from abroad who speak chosen languages.

Because the Institute is a vocational college, every student is obliged to do professional training in a hotel, restaurant or travel agency appointed by the Academy depending on the chosen major.
CALLE VICTORIANO CASTILLO V. 151, URB. LOS JAZMINES, Miraflores, Lima, Perú Miraflores 15048 Peru

More than 20 years experience, Specialties: COACHING: HOTEL & RESTAURANT PERSONNEL (front desk, waiters, waitresses, bellboys, auditors, and all other positions) HIGH QUALITY STANDARD TECHNIQUES, PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES TO SATISFY THE CUSTOMER NEEDS.

Svídnická 506, 18100 Prague, Czech Republic Prague Hlavní město Praha 181 00 Czech Republic
+420 283 101 121+420 283 101 121
+420 233 541 905

The Institute of Hospitality Management currently offers 5 bachelor’s and 4 master’s programs accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education.

For those interested in careers in attractive fields of the service industry, our goal is to offer highly professional preparation in order to facilitate:

  • work in middle to upper management in hotel chains and other establishments in the travel and tourism industry;
  • doing business in the field of hotels, gastronomy, and travel and tourism;
  • securing a management position in numerous other fields.

Achieving this goal requires steady attention to high quality instruction, enriching it with the newest professional knowledge and trends, and combining theory with practice. More than 80 percent of instruction is carried out by full-time teachers who are working to constantly improve the quality of instruction. A select number of specialized subjects are taught by experts with experience in the field and from other universities.

The Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague provides its students with the complete groundwork for a successful degree.

The Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague currently offers instruction in two modern and fully air-conditioned lecture halls, computer classrooms and several auditoriums fully equipped for multi-media presentations, including a space with state-of-the-art technology for practical and laboratory instruction – a gastronomical lecture hall, restaurant and kitchen with training facilities, saloons, and two bars for training sommeliers and bartenders. Wi-fi access is available on the entire campus so that students may have the possibility to connect to the internet at any time.

In 2008 the study rooms were completely modernized and a large number of computer stations were installed with high-speed internet access. The rooms also provide space for studying – including a reading room, photocopy machines and computer printers. There is also a library for use by students and staff, and a place to buy printed study materials. The best professional and specialized university materials are available from our own faculty and adjunct instructors for all subjects taught at the school.

Markendaalseweg 35, 4811 KA Breda, Netherlands Breda Noord-Brabant 4811 KA Netherlands

MBO Bread & Pastry – Facility Management – Hotel & Catering – Tourism

Cingel College in Breda (in the southwest of The Netherlands) is a school for secondary vocational education specializing in tourism and the hotel and catering industry. Around 700 students aged 16-20 years learn about their future careers through hands-on experience in and outside of the school.
There are also exchange programmes with schools and organizations outside of The Netherlands. Graduates can either work or study further in higher professional education (HBO).
Cingel College, along with seven other colleges, is part of ROC West-Brabant, which is a regional education centre for secondary vocational education in the economic, care and wellness, horticulture and technical sectors. There are 25,000 students and 2500 employees within ROC West-Brabant.

The flavours of Cingel College…

Cingel College offers students a diverse educational menu, with plenty of personal attention and practical support. There are four departments:

Bread & Pastry

After and often during their study, these students work in bakeries in the area but also in patisseries in renowned hotels in The Netherlands and abroad. In addition, they participate in all sorts of competitions and events. An artisan approach combined with a creative flair is how Cingel College provides quality training. The educational possibilities range from being an employee in an artisan bakery to becoming an entrepreneur.

Facility Management

The signs on the walls, ordering supplies, furnishing the rooms in a building, organizing the workplace, planning the catering: in a small organization the employee, the secretary or the director do this by themselves. In larger organizations our well-trained facilitary services employees play an important role to keep things going smoothly.

Hotel & Catering
Variation is definitely a word to use when talking about the hotel and catering industry. Not only hotels, restaurants and cafes fall into this category, but also conference centres, discotheques, fast food, motels, cruise ships and party centres belong to this branch. There is plenty of choice: entrepreneur, chef or host/hostess.
In all cases, professional expertise, quality and personal attention for guests are very important. Our students learn how to serve with passion and pleasure from the moment that a guest arrives.


In the tourism and recreation field no day is the same. One day the employee arranges an adventurous trip to India; the next an animation activity in a resort, one of the Vacansoleil campgrounds or on a cruise ship. But we also train our students to become tour managers. Continually, professional knowledge is of great importance, as well as stress resistance, organizational insight, and social and commercial skills. That’s why we strive to give our students as much hands-on experience inside and outside of the school so that they quickly feel at home in this dynamic branch. Our own Cingel-events bureau is an example of this. Students get assignments from the school to organize events and activities from A to Z

Mönchstrasse 37, 3600 Thun, Switzerland Lugrin Rhône-Alpes 74500 France
0041 (0)33 227 77 770041 (0)33 227 77 77
0041 (0)33 221 62 50

Hotelfachschule Thun is a German speaking college of Professional Education with Training (PET). It is an institution of hotelleriesuisse (Swiss Hotel Association) recognized by the Swiss Federal Government and subsidized by political authorities. Offering a state of the art educational environment, Hotelfachschule Thun is the ideal place for students who wish to train for demanding positions in the hospitality industry. During the three-year training, semesters at school alternate with internships of practical work. Students graduate as «dipl. Hôtelière-Restauratrice HF» / «dipl. Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF» (Hotelier and Restaurant Manager, PET qualified). They are qualified for different levels of managerial positions in hospitality.

Rørdalsvej 10, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark Aalborg 9000 Denmark

Food College Aalborg is one of Denmark’s largest vocational colleges within the hotel, restaurant and catering industry with more than 2,500 Chefs, Catering Cooks, Waiters, Hotel Receptionists, Bakers and Butchers being trained by our dedicated teaching staff every year.

Food College Aalborg offers a wide range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) programmes within the field of Youth Education, leading to nationally approved qualifications & specialisations, which are recognised internationally as well. In addition to this, we deliver a large and versatile selection of continuous and in-service training for employees in the industry based on demand.

At Food College Aalborg, we currently employ 40 vocational teachers and have at our disposal a top modern school built in the late sixties and renovated in 2005 and 2011. Our training kitchens, restaurant, bakery and butchers workshops are fitted with modern food production and preparation equipment to resemble the realities of the industry, and to create an environment, which is conducive to the learning processes of our young students and adult course participants.

A part of Tech College Aalborg
Food College Aalborg is a part of Tech College Aalborg – previously known as Aalborg Technical College. Founded more than 200 years ago, Tech College Aalborg is one of the largest VET institutions in Denmark. In our new organisational set-up, Tech College Aalborg provides overall management and administration, and delivers cross-cutting service functions to the group of trade related, professional colleges like Food College Aalborg.

The global challenge

Danish VET colleges have a long tradition of being engaged in international cooperation projects. The idea is to open the minds of both teachers, course participants and students to the world, and to ensure that we equip our graduates with the international competencies which are needed in the globalised labour market.

Food College Aalborg has during the past few years been involved in cooperation and professional student competitions with hotel and catering colleges in Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Holland, Italy, Finland and Wales. This takes place in the context of EU programmes (like Leonardo and Comenius) and under the auspices of the European Association of Hotel & Tourism Schools (AEHT), which the college is a member of.

A Danish support scheme, ‘Work Placement Abroad’ (in Danish “PIU”), makes it possible for Danish VET students to do all – or part of – the company based training included in their chosen VET Programme abroad. Our International Coordinator at Food College Aalborg is promoting the use of this unique opportunity further among our students, and she is continuously working to engage the college further in other types of international cooperation projects.

Dr. Ahausstraat 1, 5042EK, Tilburg Tilburg Noord-Brabant 5042 EK Netherlands
Dr. Ahausstraat 1 ZIPcode 5042 EK City TilburgDr. Ahausstraat 1 ZIPcode 5042 EK City Tilburg
Dr. Ahausstraat 1 ZIPcode 5042 EK City Tilburg

De Rooi Pannen

The Hotel and Catering industry is an extremely fascinating industry, with an enormous variety of exciting areas to work in: from five-star hotels to the local pub and hospitality is their binding feature. You’ll find this key feature at all the branches of De Rooi Pannen Hotel and Catering colleges in Tilburg, Breda and Eindhoven. If you like working with people and have a service oriented, customer caring attitude, you are well-suited for the Hotel and Catering industry.

Catering courses vary from one year (assistant) to four years (self-employment / management). Becoming an independent chef or waiter / waitress – host/ hostess will take two years, and a three-year course will enable you to become owner / manager of a small-scale catering establishment such as a pub or fast food restaurant.

Training Hotel

De Rooi Pannen has its own hotels for educational purposes which came about in conjunction with several national and international hotel chains. Of course, all students, have the most modern and well-equipped kitchens and restaurants in the school at their disposal.

The part-time Hotel and Catering department offers a selection of different courses and training sessions, to all who want to increase their career prospects in the industry. Many of these courses offer recognized certificates or licences for hotels or food service establishments.

PO BOX 43111 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya Nyeri Rd, Kileleshwa Estate. Nairobi Nairobi 64153 Kenya
+254 20 233 8222+254 20 233 8222
+254 20 209 5920

The International Hotel and Tourism Institute (IHTI) is a Training Centre offering quality Hotel and Tourism Programmes with a vision to become the Hospitality and Tourism Training Institution of choice in Africa.

IHTI is developing young men and women from all over the world into knowledgeable, skilled, committed and internationally respectable hospitality professionals for rewarding career paths. ihti has established links with some of the best internationally recognized hospitality schools around the world. Visit for more information.

Vigerslev Allé 18, 2500 Valby, Denmark København 2500 Denmark
+45 3386 2200+45 3386 2200
+45 3386 2299

Copenhagen Hospitality College is one of Northern Europe’s largest vocational colleges within the hotel and restaurant field. The College was founded more than 80 years ago and is situated in Copenhagen’s legendary meatpacking district and on Niels Hemmingsens Gade in the historical city center.The college offers programmes and courses at all levels for both skilled and unskilled participants. Copenhagen Hospitality College is unique because we are able to offer a comprehensive range of programmes and courses aimed at the hotel and restaurant industry.The College has strong ties to its European counterparts through close collaboration with many European vocational colleges at trade fairs and competitions. Furthermore, these collaborations allow many of our students to complete their industrial placements abroad.

Copenhagen Hospitality College is a modern college with historical traditions, offering expertise and first class facilities, several computers, guaranteed internships, student counseling, mentor programmes for bilingual students – and a lot more.

The College is a member of several national and international organizations such as AEHT (Association Europeenne des Ecoles d’Hotellerie et Tourisme), an organization that organizes an annual European competition for waiters, as well as other professional areas, EUHOFA, HORESTA, 3F and AER (Employers’ Programme for Financing Students’ Placements). The College also participates in the EU programmes Leonardo and Socrates.

1334 PA Almere, Netherlands Almere Flevoland 1334 PA Netherlands

he ROC Flevoland wants to deliver high education tailored to
the student. Our ambition is to be in the top 5 in 2015. We want to
make an effective contribution to solving economic and social issues in Flevoland.

Quality first

To achieve this ambition, we seek to strengthen the quality. What we want to achieve and in what areas, is part of the multi-year strategy 2012-2015 and formulated in the ‘4 Ps’ of Performing, professionalization, profiling and positioning. Performing stands for higher quality, higher satisfaction of students, companies / institutions and employees and improve efficiency. Professional development is to achieve a higher level (knowledge and skills) of all employees, the attitude to school permanently and partly by improving systematic feedback and maintenance and optimization of their own craftsmanship. Profiling means that there are recognizable and homogeneous teaching groups to provide more customization and challenge the student. Positioning refers to our Vocational Colleges which we house in distinctive buildings, where there is recognizable professional, good access and a pleasant learning environment.

Kenya Utalii College, Main Campus, Off Thika Road, Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi Kenya

Kenya Utalii College (KUC) is Africa’s leading Hospitality and Tourism training institution. Established over 44 years ago the College has trained over 50,000 graduates from around the world, majority of who have served in the local and international Hospitality and Tourism industries. The College is an affiliate member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Some of our courses have acquired accreditation by the UNWTO Tourism Education Quality (TEDQUAL) certification body. Further, KUC is an authorized International Air Travel Agency (IATA) training center, as well as, the only Sub-Saharan Africa’s Japanese training center.

Ringi 35, 80010, Pärnu Pärnu Pärnu maakond 80012 Estonia

Pärnu is one of the most beautiful towns in Estonia, resort, known as the Summer Capital of Estonia. A town of 44,000 inhabitants is visited by up to 300,000 guests every summer season. A tourism and cultural centre, Pärnu offers a wide range of cultural events, festivals, exhibitions and other events all the year round. There are numerous hotels, guest houses, spas, and restaurants in Pärnu.

In 1699, the Swedish king Karl XII moved Academia Gustavo- Carolina from Tartu to Pärnu, thereby turning the seaside town into a university town. Pärnu re-established its status as a university town in 1996 when Pärnu College of the University of Tartu was opened.

Tartu University is the Estonian oldest, largest and most well-known university, with more than 17,000 students. Pärnu college has approximately 1,000 students today and four academic units: Department of Tourism Studies (the biggest department), Department of Entrepreneurship, Department of Social Work, and Department of Ecosystem Management. For providing support services or applied knowledge on research issues the college has the following units: the Service Competence Centre, the Health Resort Laboratory, the Language Centre and the College Library.

The Department of Tourism Studies, created in 1997, offers applied higher education programme in tourism and hotel management. Students can choose between three different specialization fields: Hotel Management and Marketing, Destination Management and Marketing, and Spa Management and Marketing.

In 2004 the department inaugurated a Master’s Programme in Tourism Geography in co-operation with the Faculty of Biology and Geography of the University of Tartu.

The Department of Tourism Studies collaborates with other scholarly organizations and institutions of higher education in Estonia and abroad. A number of educational partnership agreements have been signed within the EU Erasmus Programme enabling student and faculty exchange.

Harste 4-6, 8602 JX Sneek, Netherlands Sneek Friesland 8602 JX Netherlands

ROC Friese Poort offers senior secondary vocational education for learning, living and the exchange of knowledge and experience. Personal attention and supervision, small-scaled and strong regional ties are typical characteristics. From a Christian background ROC Friese Poort offers a modern interpretation to education and training. ROC Friese Poort has six locations with approximately 13.500 students in total.

Hospitality courses are available on two locations; Sneek and Drachten. The hospitality courses consist of theoretical and practical training and student work placement experience with hospitality business in the Netherlands and abroad, under the supervision of the college. Both locations have their own enterprise, restaurant NU, with real guests, run by students under the supervision of teachers and instructors. Career opportunities   are available both nationally and internationally in all sectors of the industry.

Sneek is a vibrant water sports city in the South-Western part of the Province of Friesland. Besides water sports and the Sneeker lake, Sneek offers a wealth of monuments, cityscapes and a number of museums.  It also has a welcoming and varied shopping centre and many terraces, cafes and restaurants.
ROC Friese Poort Sneek offers education and training to approximately 2.500 students and is located near the city centre, close to bus stops and the train station

Manukau Institute of Technology, South Auckland Mail Centre, Manukau 2240, Auckland, New Zealand Auckland Auckland 1010 New Zealand

Excellent Training, World Class Facilities, Global Opportunities

New Zealand has a dynamic hospitality industry offering opportunities for highly trained staff.

Established near Auckland in 1993, Manukau Institute of Technology’s School of Catering and Hospitality Studies (CHATS) meets this challenge with its market-leading programmes and outstanding learning facilities. Backed by academic expertise, our students’ training is taken beyond the confines of the theory and classrooms into the real world.

CHATS is a top rate purpose-built hotel training school simulating real life work experience for culinary, hospitality and baking students. Our facility boasts The Palm Room restaurant (a training restaurant open to the public offering students the chance to experience working in both front of house and back of house situations), a licensed bar, The Grind – our barista training café, food production and training kitchens, bakery, demonstration rooms, hotel and motel bedroom suites, conference facilities and reception area.

Manukau Institute of Technology’s CHATS provides the perfect opportunity for our students to learn in a positive and authentic working environment covering all aspects of hospitality and catering. With the excellent practical training provided, our graduates meet the high standard of restaurant and culinary techniques that make them award winners.

Work hard and play hard in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is vibrant and multicultural with a population of around 1.3 million, situated between two beautiful harbours. The people enjoy a lifestyle around water and boats. The coastline and more than 40 islands surrounding the city is Auckland’s playground; perfect for exploring, swimming, fishing, sailing, diving and other water sports.

Only minutes by car to the south and east is green rolling farmland. It is the ideal place to enjoy nearly every kind of outdoor pursuit or sport you can imagine. The Hunua and Waitakere ranges are close by for tramping, and if surfing is your thing, there are magnificent surf beaches on the west coast.

There is plenty to do in the city too. Cinemas, theatre, nightclubs and bars around for your entertainment.

Our restaurants and cafes are well known fro their exciting cuisine and the shopping is great too. Visit the Sky Tower for unparalleled views or bungy-jump off the Auckland harbour bridge. There’s Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World and Antarctic Encounter, the stunning Auckland waterfront, museums and art galleries.

There’s so much to do.

Auckland really is a great place to live and study.

Puuvilla 19, Tallinn, 10314 Tallinna linn, Estonia Tallinn Harju maakond 10314 Estonia
(+372) 66 88 707(+372) 66 88 707
(+372) 66 88 706

Hospitality Management Diploma
Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management EHTE is offering a 3-year Hospitality Management Diploma course in English.

First-year students will acquire food and beverage related knowledge and skills. In the second year the main aim will be to acquire skills and knowledge related to housekeeping and front office departments of an accommodation establishment. In the final, third year the students will focus on economics, management and marketing topics. There will be a practical placement and a term paper during each year of the studies.

Studies begin in October.
The school also offers an international pre-course in English and it is mainly targeted at the prospective students who would like to apply for the Hospitality Management Diploma.

About Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management EHTE is a private school, providing applied higher education in Tallinn, Estonia. The mission of EHTE is to train skilled, professional and highly motivated employees for hospitality, catering and tourism service.

EHTE is the only tourism education institution in Estonia fully focused on tourism and hospitality both in the context of applied higher and vocational education in tourism, accommodation and catering sectors. There are more than 300 students at EHTE .


EHTE differs from other educational institutions in the same field in Estonia, in particular in terms of its close links with the business community and the entrepreneurs. Also the lecturers and teachers are involved in the daily linkage with the business sector.

Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management was founded in 1996 by the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association, the Estonian Association of Travel Agents and the Estonian Hotel School Ltd.

EHTE also participates in the Erasmus programme.

Rechterland 1, 8024 AH Zwolle, Netherlands Zwolle Overijssel 8024 AH Netherlands
Rechterland 1 ZIPcode 8024 AH City ZwolleRechterland 1 ZIPcode 8024 AH City Zwolle
+31 (0)88 850 80 44

Landstede Rechterland Zwolle offers courses in Catering and opened a complete new restaurant in March. Teachers are giving practice lessons in the new restaurant and the students have practice exams in the restaurant too. Guests are welcome to drink a cup of coffee in the restaurant and it’s also possible to have a lunch or dinner. The restaurant is open from Monday till Friday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from nine o‘clock am till four o’clock pm and Tuesday and Thursday from nine o’clock am till ten o’clock pm.

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